Retrograde Amnesia: Comprehensive JRPG Retrospective: Suikoden(全22回)

Suikoden E1: Please Tell Me The Answer [Introduction]

Suikoden E2: Ouroboros of Young Masters [Gregminster & Magician's Island]

Suikoden E3: Did You Talk to the Graveyard? [Rockland & Mt. Seifu]

Suikoden E4: Viktor Lays It Thicker [The Liberation Army]

Suikoden E5: Mother-Commander [Mt. Tigerwolf & Sarady]

Suikoden E6: Soul Eating in front of a Children [Seika & Toran Castle]

Suikoden E7: Hello, Fellow Thieves [Lepant, Part 1]

Suikoden E8: Husband Lady [Lepant, Part II]

Suikoden E9: Wet Elves in Our Bed [Village of the Elves]

Suikoden E10: The Power of the Science [Dwarf Vault & Pannu Yakuta]

Suikoden E11: The Hop Pissed [The New Liberation Army]

Suikoden E12: Classic Imperialism [Exploring Milich's Domain]

Suikoden E13: All the Organic Matter [Soniere Prison & Scarleticia Castle]

Suikoden E14: Dad is The Ultimate Enemy [Battle with Teo, Part 1]

Suikoden E15: Machiavellian as Shit [Battle with Teo, Part II]

Suikoden E16: All My Homies Call Me Starmaster [Warrior's Village & Qlon Temple]

Suikoden E17: Lord of Necks [Neclord's Castle]

Suikoden E18: Cock and Bull Schemes [Dragon's Den]

Suikoden E19: Another Ted Talk [Seek Valley]

Suikoden E20: Fury, Chaos, and Anger [Northern Checkpoint & Moravia Castle]

Suikoden E21: Sanchez, Prepare to Die Edition [Floating Fortress of Shazarazade]

Suikoden E22: Sovereign Right to Be a Dragon [The Final Battle]

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